A family, a home, a business, an opportunity, and an identity crisis.

That pretty much sums up the last five years of my life and is ultimately what brought me to this point (well, that and a whole lot of coffee this morning). Welcome to The Someday Home. How did we get here? Let’s back up and recap a little bit…

My name is Jessie and I live in The Someday Home. We moved to our sweet janky little fixer-upper nearly five years ago. In that time, it has undergone more facelifts than I can count. My husband, Nate, and I had decided to trade in our brand new home for something that we could put some sweat equity into, and boy… we sure found it (and a few other surprises).

When we found our home, our goal was to live in it while we renovated it, saving up fully for each renovation phase and completing them one at a time. I knew it would mean a lot of hard work, planning, and sacrifice, but what I really underestimated was the creativity, humility, and patience it would require to live in a construction zone (with 3 young kids) long-term.

Looking back, I kind of question our thought process… what the heck did we think this was going to be like? Some sort of HGTV show where we move into the house, have a couple of quirky moments that feel really frustrating at the time but end up being something we laugh about later (we’ve had SO MANY of those so far), and then magically finish the house in 30 days? When we told our family and friends about our plans, we answered many of their raised eyebrows with statements like “Yes. We know we’re biting off a lot.” and “Yes, we know it will be a lot of work, but it will be so worth it in the end!” and “No, we’re not drunk.”

In all honesty, we did have a little bit of an idea of what we were getting ourselves into. I grew up in fixer-upper homes, swinging a hammer right alongside my mom and dad. My brother and I spent a good part of our childhood tiptoeing through framed walls and running wild in Menards on our “family vacations.” More on that some other time, I’m sure.

The funny thing is, I can’t even remember what it feels like to live in a finished house. When we visit our families or our friends, it feels a little like we’re on vacation at a fancy resort. All of their outlets work and there is no exposed drywall, holes in the floor, or missing pieces of trim. There usually aren’t even any tools to trip over! Fancy.

I know all of this probably sounds a little sketchy, but I swear my home will be nice… >sigh< someday (see what I did there?).

This blog is all about living life under construction while managing a small business and a small family. The last five years have taught me more patience than I could’ve ever prayed for (yet I still find myself coming up short on that one regularly!). They’ve also taught me that though it seems impossible, you can make any place feel like home with enough creativity, gratitude, logic (that’s where Nate comes in), and coffee/wine/whiskey (depending on the hour of the day). Come back if you’re interested in design and decor ideas, some custom art, a few FREEBIES here and there (woo!!!), and probably some personal stories also.

If you’ve ever struggled to find contentment in the midst of chaos, welcome home, to The Someday Home.

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