Custom Built Ins
Built in cabinets for a laundry room. White shaker style cabinetry.

Custom Built Ins

It’s the time of year for when it feels like anything is possible: we’re all going to lose 20 pounds, read more, get a raise, and finally get organized. I can’t help you with the first ones, but if creating some organization in your home is on your list, I might have just the solution you’re looking for: custom built ins.

Get organized

As a chronically chaotic and disorganized person, I can tell you that I don’t like being disorganized. I hate clutter and I hate not being able to find stuff. After spending years of berating myself for not being able to stay organized, I can tell you this: sheer will power doesn’t help. Willing yourself to be more organized doesn’t work- or at least, it hasn’t for me. (Which has been a frustrating revelation, because I’ve always been able to stubbornly will my way through any changes I’ve wanted to make before.)

Instead, I had to look a little deeper at what was causing the constant clutter. After trying the “don’t put it down; put it away” rule for a couple of weeks, I was able to quickly determine the problem: many of the items in my house didn’t have a home. Throughout our kitchen renovation, creating smart storage has been at the top or my priority list, and I have to admit the prospect of everything in my kitchen having a dedicated spot really excites me… so much so that I’m drafting plans for more built ins for other rooms of my house (don’t tell my husband- I’m supposed to be laser-focused on our kitchen and nothing else until it’s finished).

Add beauty and value

If you’ve got some homeless items in your house and you can’t bring yourself to part with them, the only other options are to either display them or store them. Beautiful custom built ins can do either of those two things for you while adding character to your home.


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