If you think our hands are full…

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing laundry for more than the 5 people who live here. It’s not just me, is it?

My weekly schedule looks a little something like this:

Monday: Wash all laundry. If it’s in the clothes baskets, it’s getting washed TODAY.

Tuesday: Find a few escapee clothing items. Roll eyes. End up washing more laundry.

Wednesday: Take kids to park/pond/museum/store/friend’s house/restaurant/pool/literally anywhere outside of my house that anything that might possibly stain exists. Get new stains. Soak and pretreat. Wash more laundry.

Thursday: By this time, my own basket is half full. Decide to try to lighten Monday’s load by doing mid-week laundry.

Friday: Attempt to rope kids into helping fold laundry. Fail, even though my bribery game is hella strong.

Saturday: Give up on folding laundry, toss it in kids’ room for them to figure out (because y’know… I’m trying to teach them responsibility and stuff…) Declare today as a laundry-free day.

Sunday: WTH is even clean and what is dirty?! Screw it… it’s all getting washed again.

Rinse and repeat.


Happy Friday! May your laundry baskets be empty and your detergent bottles be full!

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