Vintage Baseball Inspired Boys Bedroom

On the last blog post, I shared our basement floor plan with you. Today, I want to share my first step in bringing this basement space to life (even if it is only studs and sawdust right now)- creating a bedroom mood board. We still have a lot to do before I can even think about moving the kids down to their bedrooms, but the first step in the process is to create a mood board for each bedroom to guide me as I shop and build for each kid’s room.

These basement bedrooms are special. Aside from Owen, none of the kids have ever had their own bedroom. We moved to this house about 6 months before Barrett was born, and we’ve crammed all three kids into the same room for 3 years now. I’m excited for each of the kids to have their own spaces to accommodate their growing personalities… and to finally be able to break up fights by telling them to each go to their own rooms.

Owen’s basement bedroom

Owen is our budding athlete. He loves all sports, but baseball especially… so this room will be heavily Dodgers-influenced. I want to create a space that will grow with him, so I am focusing on classic design with some industrial touches. This mood board serves as a way for me to gather all of my ideas in one place to see how they play off of each other. While I don’t see myself buying all of the things on the mood board (or even most of them), it is a good way for me to see all of the items together and keep me on track as I begin building and shopping for his bedroom stuff.


Although the egress window lets in a surprising amount of light, I’m going to keep the walls light. I’d go with a white, but I’m afraid I would be down there scrubbing it all of the time (if you have boys, you understand). Ideally, I’ll find something that’s light with just a whisper of grey. I’m leaning toward Drift of Mist from Sherwin Williams. I’ll have to test it on the walls before I commit.

In the interest of keeping the decor neutral and adaptable to whatever he’s interested in the future, I’m leaning toward plain navy bedding. I hope to incorporate as much natural wood texture into the room as possible to add warmth and take away from the basementy-ness (yep, that’s what I’m calling it).

Reading and art are two of Owen’s favorite pastimes, and I want his space to encourage those hobbies. I’m planning to build a desk (that can be folded up when not in use), lots of storage for books and art supplies, and at least a couple of pinboards to display his art.

Mood board sources:

Bedding: Pottery Barn Teen

Headboard: Wayfair

Bookshelf: Amazon

Wall sconce: Houzz

Desk lamp: Macy’s

Baseball beanbag chair: Amazon

Wall desk: Wayfair

Desk chair: Wayfair

Alarm clock: Amazon

Pinboard: Pottery Barn Teen

Built-in shelves inspo pic: Beneath My Heart blog

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