Rustic Outdoors Themed Bedroom

What do you get when you ask a nature-loving 5-year-old about his dream bedroom? A rustic outdoors themed bedroom, of course!

A few weeks ago, I shared our basement floor plan with you and just last week I shared Owen’s vintage baseball bedroom mood board (go Dodgers!). As I mentioned before, the first thing I do when I’m designing a room from scratch (aside from, ya know, actually finishing the room) is creating a bedroom mood board. This allows me to get all of my ideas in one place so I can see how everything works together before I start buying or building.

Barrett has never had his own room. From the time he came home into our family as a happy little ball of joy and rolls, he’s never had a space to call his own. He spent the first 5 months of his life in our bedroom, and when we could no longer squeeze him into the pack n play next to our bed, we squeezed him into a hand-me-down crib in the corner of Owen’s room. Unfortunately, like many middle children, Barrett is the recipient of many pre-loved items; from clothing to toys, he gets all of Owen’s old stuff. He adores his big brother (mostly) and loves spending time and sharing space with him, but at 5 years old, he has developed his own style. It feels especially important to me to give our “middlest” a room of his own, filled with the things he loves.

Rustic Outdoors Themed Bedroom

Barrett’s basement bedroom

Barrett is our aspiring outdoorsman. When I asked him to start brainstorming about what he might like to have in his bedroom, he said “hunting.” That was it. I’m sure I could easily go to a Cabela’s and cover everything with camo blind cover and he’d be happy, but I just can’t bring myself to do that. I’m focusing on keeping the overall feeling of his room outdoorsy with a campy, old-school cabin feel and a heavy dose of wonder and adventur

Due to the weird footprint of our house, Barrett’s bedroom can’t have an egress window (we’re putting in a door between his closet and Georgia’s for an emergency escape). I plan to select a light wall color so the room doesn’t look too dark- especially when the door is closed. I’m thinking about Sherwin Williams Pacer White, but I won’t know for sure until I get it on the walls.

Not Pictured:

Barrett is my Lego master. The kid can sit and build with Lego bricks all day long, and he has an expansive collection of various Lego sets. A designated spot for storing and building his lego creations is a necessity, so I’ll be drawing up plans for a lego table as we get close to finishing his room.

I’ll also be building a wall desk for his room, just like the one I plan to build for Owen’s room.

Mood board sources:

Bedding: Pottery Barn Teen

Headboard: Wayfair

Bookshelf: Amazon

Wall sconce: Houzz

Desk lamp: Macy’s

Baseball beanbag chair: Amazon

Wall desk: Wayfair

Desk chair: Wayfair

Alarm clock: Amazon

Pinboard: Pottery Barn Teen

Built-in shelves inspo pic: Beneath My Heart blog

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